Buildings, Bridges and Civil works are often built using concrete. The majority of concrete is reinforced with steel bars to make a composite material more suitable for construction.

What is Reinforced Concrete Detailing?

Concrete works incredibly well in compression; however it does have a relatively low tensile strength, so in areas in tension, this weakness is counteracted by the inclusion of steel reinforcement which has higher tensile strength.
For a project to be built, the construction site needs clear instructions of what steel reinforcement is required within the concrete and where it is located. The best method to do this is to produce Reinforced Concrete Detailed drawings.

Reinforced concrete drawings are part of the wider set of Structural Engineering drawings. The scaled drawings diagrammatically show the steel requirements within a concrete structure. The drawing then has a corresponding material list called a bar bending schedule. The bar bending schedule shows the bended shape of the bars, dimensions of the steel bars and the quantities required.
Detailed drawings enable steel reinforcement to be ordered in advance and it enables the project teams to know where the steel reinforcement is located within a reinforced concrete structure.

The reinforcement drawings and schedules can be based to our clients preferred Engineering Standards and presentation requirements. We generally work to British Standards BS8110 or BS EN 1992-1-1:2004 (Eurocode 2), with guidance from the Standard Method of Detailing Structural Concrete’ 3rd Edition. We produce the RC detailed drawings using AutoCAD with the addition of CADS RC software, the leading detailing software in the UK.

What do we offer?

R&R Associates is a leading specialist in Reinforced Concrete Detailed Drawing and Detailing Management for Structural and Civil Engineering projects.

R&R Associates can deliver solutions for simple projects such as warehouse foundations and flat slab projects, to complex structural components on bridges and congested complex basements.
We can work on a range of project sizes. We generally focus on the large scale projects.
We can deliver projects with conventional construction methods, complex multi-storey slipform construction, or deep basements with top down construction.

R&R Associates provide each client with a dedicated Technical Director, who is responsible for the delivery of your project. The Technical Director will review the design information, communicate with the Structural Engineers/design interface, and be the main contact point for all detailing requirements.

Each Technical Director, heads their team of highly qualified Structural Engineering Technicians, who will develop the solution best suited to your project, and work to your programme commitments.

We discuss RC detailing options, looking for the most effective and efficient way to provide the reinforcement information. We provide reinforced drawing solutions with a view to site safety and ease of construction. Our aim is to provide clear accurate information, installing confidence in our clients that we deliver. This is why; the vast majority of our work is repeat business.
Our UK office enable us to respond quickly to on-site queries and pride ourselves in turning around amendments/changes quickly and efficiently.